Upcoming Events


20th August 2017 – 10am

Its that time again! We’re hosting an Autostraddle Brunch, where lesbians and fellow women – loving queers can come together to celebrate their awesomeness and the wonder and goodness of breakfast foods.

We’re at Tamper Sellers Wheel, where the menu offers something for all dietary persuasions and a chilled vibe, plus great coffee. Its a 10am start to ensure us committed brunch enthusiasts get a table.

To attend, all you need to do is click ‘GOING’ to this Facebook event. Preferably before 18 August! We need you to RSVP so we make sure we’ll all fit on a table at our chosen venue. If numbers grow, we’ll change it up, so do let us know if you’ll be there. If you’d prefer to RSVP via e-mail, drop us a line to androandeve@gmail.com. Thanks!

Tamper is a wheelchair friendly venue. Menu and more info here – https://tampercoffee.co.uk/kiwi-cafe-culture/locations-2/